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Welcome to the Behavioural Health Research Group. Our research in behavioural health includes investigations into scleroderma and cardiovascular disease, as well as general evidence review. More specifically, members of our team are interested in factors influencing the quality of life of patients with scleroderma, such as sexuality and body image distress, pain, pruritus (itching), depression, suicidal ideation and fatigue. Our group is also involved in evidence evaluation, such as screening for depression in cardiovascular care. If you would like more information please contact:

Dr. Brett Thombs
Faculty of Medicine, McGill University and Jewish General Hospital
Institute of Community and Family Psychiatry
Jewish General Hospital
4333 Cote Ste Catherine Road
Montreal, Quebec H3T 1E4
Tel: (514) 340-8222 ext. 5112
Fax: (514) 340-8124